Credit Insurance

Kröller Capital has strong partnerships with all the leading credit insurers in the Netherlands. This collaboration allows us to find the right solution for each client in the area of credit insurance. Of course, this includes working from the client’s accounts receivable management. This makes it possible to customize and look beyond credit insurance as a product, but really respond to the needs.


Every business has its own needs in terms of financing. Kröller Capital is the right party to support you in this and find the right partners. Financing was created to help companies optimize their cash flow and strengthen their liquidity. These financings can help minimize payment risks and improve a company’s financial position. Some examples of financing commonly used in accounts receivable management are factoring, and asset-based lending.

Credit Management & KYC

In today’s market, we see that regulations are becoming stricter in the area of (inter)national business. Kröller Capital can not only advise you on debtor management, but also give you the right tools to assess who you are doing business with. As a result, you will not be surprised afterwards. Especially as chain responsibility is becoming increasingly important.
Credit Management refers to the process of managing customers’ creditworthiness and managing a company’s accounts receivable portfolio. It includes assessing the creditworthiness of potential customers, setting credit limits, monitoring payment terms and collecting outstanding invoices. Kröller Capital’s goal is to support companies in this through a scan. We have experienced Credit Managers who can help optimize a company’s cash flow by ensuring that customers pay on time and minimize the risk of default.

Human Capital

A healthy organization and reputation in the labor market.

Absence management, short-cycle contracts, individual needs and complex legislation impact your organization’s workload. With our case managers and technologies, you have access to up-to-date knowledge and both the health and financial consequences of absenteeism, related to the workforce, are protected. In short: we ensure that your HR becomes more efficient and that you get a grip on absence (costs).

Corporate Risk

Being able to do business with certainty and flexibility.

Your assets, customers, products, management, personnel, IT or suppliers may unintentionally result in (unforeseen) claims directed at your organization, personnel or yourself. With measures, contract management and insurance, we ensure that you are prepared and cushion the (financial) impact in case of claims. We provide management of your insurance portfolio and adjust for changes in business conditions or transactions. In the event of claims, we take them off your hands so you can continue to do business.

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