We can help any organization to:

  • Align the policy terms with current business practices

  • Help in getting the right limits

  • Getting credit insurance that fits the type of business

  • Gain insight into credit risks

  • Get a grip on (international) accounts receivable management and liquidity

  • Establish a healthy payment relationship with customers

  • Offer better terms to your customers without incurring additional risk

  • Getting better financing terms through risk management

Protect and strengthen liquidity.

Our services are focused on support. We help improve the grip of your accounts receivable management and optimize liquidity. We strive to develop a solid foundation for managing your credit risks, giving you full insight and control over the risks at play. This also benefits your customers. Because we minimize payment risks, you can offer your customers better payment terms without having to borrow too much money to invest for growth.

Our keen analyses help to understand the actual credit risks and broker credit insurance policies that exactly fit theorganization‘s specific needs. There are also innovative financial instruments available, such as factoring, leasing and asset-based lending, which can help strengthen cash flow.

Gain access to credit.

About 12 percent of medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands experience difficulties in obtaining financing, which is the highest percentage after Greece in the euro area. Moreover, the rejection rate of loan applications in the Netherlands is even higher than in Greece. This is further compounded by limited choice in the banking sector and high interest rates. The majority of bank loans to SMEs (nearly 90 percent) are provided by only three major banks.

We help companies improve their creditworthiness by improving their financial health and strengthening their relationship with financial institutions. We do this, for example, by minimizing risks; internally and within the chain. By doing so, we indirectly lower the risks for banks and make financing accessible while lowering financing demand. Our reports and mediation help obtain these financings.

Get better terms from insurers and financiers.

Credit insurance and other financial solutions that provide protection are often complex and must be tailored to the business. In addition, insurers and insureds have conflicting interests: the insurer wants maximum premium for minimum coverage while the insured wants the opposite; minimum premium for maximum coverage. This problem is compounded by consolidation in the insurance market and the complexity of accounts receivable management.

As an independent insurance broker, we are in no way tied to one or more insurers and therefore we can provide objective and independent advice. Our reputation opens doors with insurers and financiers, to your benefit. Our mediation with insurers and lenders on behalf of your organization results in customization with better terms and at more competitive rates that fit your organization’s ambitions and risk appetite.

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