We want to help our clients get a grip on their credit management and credit insurance.

Our vision is that this is only possible with customized integrated solutions, focusing on reducing risk, streamlining processes and improving cash flow.

Who we are

Our background in Credit Management, Sales, Operations and Finance enables us to offer a different perspective on (international) credit risk management and customer-oriented work. We combine our market knowledge with our experience in the insurance industry as a partner of Kröller Boom and Söderberg & Partners.

Olivier de Jonge
Olivier de JongePartner
Olivier de Jonge is an experienced Financial Advisor and Credit Manager with a background at Rabobank and AB-InBev. With his knowledge of sales & finance, and as a board member of the Association For Credit Management, he is well versed in the insurance market. Olivier has a strong focus on service and customer satisfaction, and, based on his experience as a Credit Manager, can advise well on the accounts receivable process and associated risks.
Hans de Jonge
Hans de JongePartner
Hans de Jonge has years of experience in the financial and insurance sector, with a background as a controller at Tacx/Garmin and as an Export Credit Specialist at Atradius. His knowledge of customer needs and obstacles from insurers makes him a valuable asset to the team. With this knowledge, he can provide the customer with the best service and advise on the most favorable insurance.
Ralph Reijntjes
Ralph ReijntjesPartner
Ralph Reijntjes is an experienced Sales and Operations manager with a background in multinationals and start-ups. His strength lies in finding new challenges and maintaining contacts with major players in the international market. Through his broad experience, both in the Netherlands and abroad, Ralph is able to understand and respond to clients’ short- and long-term (financial) challenges.