Dark clouds over the Food Sector

Many businesses in the food sector have been struggling in recent years. Covid, price increases, staff shortages, inflation, expensive energy costs, NOW that must be repaid with high interest, and so on. This results in an increasing number of bankruptcies. From CBS statistics, we see an increasing flow of bankruptcies. Worldwide bankruptcies are up 21% this year. In the Netherlands, this is expected to increase by +52%.

source: Number of bankruptcies accelerates: in the Netherlands +52% by 2023 (allianz-trade.com) (don’t or don’t mention source?)

The power of credit insurance

Credit insurance is a form of insurance that protects businesses from the risk of default by their customers and bankruptcy. It provides a financial safety net for businesses that provide goods or services on credit. Companies protect themselves from potential losses due to unpaid invoices.

This provides certainty, growth in revenue, positive cash flow, information, covered collection costs, KYC (Credit Information) and ensures focus on the right facets.

Kröller Capital Solutions

Kröller Capital helps organizations get a grip on accounts receivable management and credit risks. As an independent broker, they advise and mediate the best and appropriate terms from the market on behalf of their clients.